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Company Overview

Superior Association Management (SAM) is South Florida’s elite management services company. We specialize in serving homeowner associations throughout Palm Beach County. SAM is a full-service company offering our clients a broad spectrum of property-related services. Since no two properties are identical, we have created a suite of services that allows our clients to customize a solution to suit their personal needs.

Our emphasis on exceptional quality and service combined with our philosophy of “customer first” sets us apart from other management companies. We are focused on fulfilling client objectives, providing pro-active management, constant improvement of property, increasing the quality of homeowner’s lives all the while providing all of this in a transparent fashion.

Sunset Policy

At Superior Association Management, we pledge to do everything we can to return your communication (whether it be a voice mail, e-mail, fax or letter) before the close of business on the day that we receive your communication, even if we only offer a status report. If we don’t have the final answer or solution, you will be advised that there will be one within a specified period of time. This is an important part of customer service and allows us to be a company that is ETDBW (easy to do business with).

What Customer-Centric Really Means: Seven Key Insights

  1. It goes beyond handling customer calls efficiently. It means addressing all customer issues fully and resolving them completely.

  2. It's not just ensuring that your support departments regard front-line workers as their internal customers. It's ensuring that everyone adopts an external focus.

  3. It involves more than telling your employees how to treat customers right. You've got to give employees the authority and tools to decide the right way to treat customers.

  4. It's not a matter of steering customers through your Web site or store just the way you envisioned. Customer-centrism means letting customers interact with your locations just the way they want.

  5. It's not just giving customers what they want, it's giving them what they will want.

  6. It's not organizing the company to serve customers. It's letting customers determine how you organize.

  7. Customer-centrism isn't just about winning new customers from recommendations of current customers. It's about having customers say you should raise your prices.

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