First confirm your Association’s bank by referring to your coupons.

Click here to make a payment.

  • ┬áThe Management ID and Association ID are required to make all online payments.
  • ┬áThe Management ID for all communities is SAMI
  • You may find your Association ID on your coupons or by reaching out to your property manager
  • Payments fees and terms can be found on Center State’s website. See your community rules/documents for late fee penalties
  • You may also mail your payment directly to the bank. Please make the check payable to your association and mail to:

“Your Association Name”
Center State Bank c/o SAMI
PO Box 668426
Miami, FL 33166-9416
Please be sure to include your account/homeowner number on your check.

We cannot take payments over the phone.
If you have any questions during this process please contact your property manager.